The Whistle Stop is a ma & pa brick and mortar shop- we've been in our little old building, an old gas station,  in Elkhorn NE for 25 years! We love the thrill of the hunt... of the old, the new and handmade! Rescuing old pieces that will create just the right county vibe in your home. 

WS Mercantile launched this year to give our local customers & far away followers a chance to shop the "SToP" from the comfort of their easy chair! 

2018 has brought some changes... our brick & motar is open for events only. (usually once a month) Check out the upcoming event page or our blog for details.

People ask us to describe our style... and I say, "hmmm."  We've been at this so long our style has rode the wave of country decor... it's vintage , it's farmhouse, it's comfortable style for today's country living!